How to fix AppStore: “This item is currently beeing modified. Please try again later”

This looks like a bug in the Apple AppStore which happens in the last time more often. The issue comes up when you do a price tier update for your application. When it happens, it will not repair automatically. Last time it took 1 1/2 days and it still told a lot of customers that […]

How to get your App reviewed?

  Did you ever asked yourself how you get you app reviewed? First lets question why you need reviews for your app. It is not as easy to answer as you might think. What I can tell you for sure, it will not drive any downloads to your app. At least as long as you […]

eCPM – What is it?

You can use that value to compare different ad networks. It tells you mainly how many you earn for 1000 ad views in your application. For example: You view an ad 1000 times and 0.5% are clicking on it. So you generate 5 clicks. Lets assume you earn 5 cents for every click. In this […]